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Children’s Pillows for Sleep

There are various opinions about what is the right age for giving your child a pillow for sleep. Therefore, parents should make the decision on individual basis, considering physical and psychological constitutions of the child. At the same time, you should not force your child to sleep on a pillow, and if a child persistently moves the head from the pillow or pulls out a pillow from a bed, it means that he is not ready for the pillow yet, or the pillow is not a good match for your kid. The main criteria for choosing a children's pillow for a sleep are safety and comfort. The product should be flat, squared and of a moderate firmness. It’s better to pick the exterior of a pillow according to the principle “the more simply, the better” – there should not be any buttons, decorations etc. on its surface. If the pillow is too soft and can’t hold its shape, it will not promote the formation of a correct posture and will lead to pain in a spine and the insufficient sleep. To ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep of your child, a children’s pillow for sleep should be:





quickly evaporate moisture.           

 As for the fillers for children's pillows, you should know that artificial fillers are durable and hypoallergenic, but they don’t provide a sufficient air ventilation. Natural fillers possess good “breathability”, however they are not easy in maintenance and can aggravate allergies.

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