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How to Choose a Latex Mattress

Many people wonder, how to choose a latex mattress and what factors should be prior when picking up the right one. First, decide whether you need spring or spring-free mattress and what kind of material you prefer. Spring mattresses have various artificial or natural fillers and layers, and springless mattresses don’t, though they can be either synthetic or natural.

 The most reliable spring-free mattresses are those made of natural latex – the processed sap of a rubber tree, Hevea.  The labor-intensive manufacturing process turns Hevea sap into the product with excellent structure and multiple unique properties:

  it is springy and, at the same time, elastic;

  it is orthopedic; 

• it has perfect self-ventilation and quickly evaporates moisture;

• it has a long life-span and can serve for up to 20 years. 

Synthetic latex is an alternative to a natural one and, due to the advanced technology, it looks like a natural. However synthetic latex does not possess all above mentioned properties and breaks down over a time, while natural latex doesn’t. Therefore, making the decision to choose a synthetic latex mattress, please keep this in your mind. 

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