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Latex Bedding

Latex bedding is made of natural latex, and an array of unique properties sets it apart from most of the other bedding on the market. Natural latex pillows and mattresses do not to absorb moisture, their pinhole structure creates a natural ventilation system and allows air to go through the products. • Being springy and elastic material, latex quickly retains its original shape; even after a strong pressure it does not have any dents. Latex conforms to the contours of a body and relieves a backbone from excessive pressure during sleep. Latex bedding supports the body in its correct position, so you can avoid pain in neck and back. • Latex is a hypoallergenic and antiseptic material. Latex bedding is not friendly to dust mites and other microbes which often become the reason of allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. • Products from latex have the sound antistatic effect therefore the mattresses and pillows do not attract dust. • Latex has the amazing durability and a long life-span. We strongly recommend you the bedding from natural latex which is manufactured in the Southern Thailand. The climate of this area creates the perfect conditions for the growth of rubber trees and collecting their high-quality sap. This bedding will serve you for decades and will provide you the most comfortable and healthy sleep!

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