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Latex mattresses from Thailand

Thailand is the world’s largest latex producer and exporter, accounting for one-third global supply. Therefore, it’s obvious, that products from this material are popular both among tourists, and among locals. But it is possible to purchase latex mattresses from Thailand not only being on vacation, but also from your home - via the Internet. Latex mattresses are manufactured in different sizes, so each buyer can pick up the right one for him. The mattress can be placed on a bed or on a floor – it anyway keeps the orthopedic properties and is amazingly beneficial, especially for those who have backbone issues. To figure out, what size of a mattress do you need, it is enough to measure the length and width of your bed. But to determine, what thickness of a mattress will fit you most, you should know how it effects on a mattress functionality. Latex mattresses from Thailand can be of the following thickness: • 5 cm-mattresses - they are also known as “toppers” or “mattress cover” and are not used as an independent mattress. As a rule, they are put on the main mattress, for example, the spring one, to add the comfort and to prevent its sagging. Also, they can “nullify” the inhalation of allergens, which is important for those prone to allergies. • 7,5 cm-mattresses – they can be used independently, must be placed on a firm surface or a bed and are capable to support a body up to 100 kg in weight. • 10 cm-mattresses – they fit any surfaces and can maintain any body weight and possess an orthopedic properties. We recommend you purchase latex mattresses from Thailand in specialized stores where the products are sold at reasonable prices.

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