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Natural latex mattress

The natural latex mattress has multiple amazing properties and characteristics, due to the material of which it is manufactured. Latex is a milky sap of a rubber tree – Hevea, it is processed and whipped into the springy and elastic foam. Natural latex mattress gently supports the body during sleep in such a way, that you won't feel any discomfort, usually known as a “hammock effect”. Besides, products from natural latex have earned a reputation of the most durable among accessories for sleep on the market. Natural latex mattresses have the following properties: • resist to pathogenic bacteria; • hypoallergenic; • contour naturally to a body; • do not absorb moisture and unpleasant smells; • reliable and functional; Before picking up the right natural latex mattress, you should figure out the following: • what size do you need (according to your bed measurements); • what type you prefer (spring or spring-free); • the desirable degree of rigidity of the mattress. The only downside of the natural latex mattresses is their price. But for those who suffer from an allergy, respiratory diseases, have problems with the spine, or just wish to have a healthy and comfortable sleep the price will be compensated by multiple benefits they get.

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