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Natural latex pillows

There are plenty of reasons for buying natural latex pillows. Though it is generally believed that even the high-quality pillow will lose its shape over time, pillows made of natural latex won’t. The surprising elasticity of this material allows a pillow to keep its shape for 10-30 years! It is not easy to pick up a traditional pillow which is perfect from all sides. However, in natural latex pillows you won’t find any drawbacks. They possess amazing properties, including the ability to adjust to your head and neck, providing their anatomically-correct position during sleep. It is well-known that many materials, used for pillows manufacturing often become the reason of allergic reactions. Latex is hypoallergenic and “nullifies” the probability of allergies. Natural latex pillows “breathe”, they don't absorb moisture, and, therefore, won’t become wet from sweat. Usually, bedding tend to gradually accumulate dust and microbes which increases risk of respiratory diseases and problems with skin, so it is not safe for asthmatics to sleep on. Latex, on the contrary, is a natural antiseptic, it doesn't attract dust and is not a friendly environment for dust-mites and microbes.

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