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Orthopedic Latex Pillows

Orthopedic latex pillows are very popular today and are in great demand as they improve or corrects the body’s position during sleep. It is made to provide those corrective measures as soon as it makes contact with the body. They are made of latex foam and can be of various models - classical rectangular, wavy, bolster etc. The main distinctive property of these pillows is their ability to conform to contours of the head and neck, supporting them in anatomically-correct position during sleep. The amazing benefits of orthopedic latex pillows are: • elasticity, springiness and comfort. Such pillows prevent a backbone curvature, remove stress in muscles and ensure comfortable position to the head, neck and shoulders; • dust mites and other pathogenic microbes never settle down in latex; • the pinhole structure of a pillow provides its “breathability”, and antiseptic properties of latex prevent an allergy and respiratory diseases; • latex pillow won’t overheat or overcool your head and neck, as it can’t be affected by the hot or cold temperature in a room; • latex pillows don't absorb moisture and quickly evaporate it, creating the perfect conditions for face skin and neck, preventing them from sweating during sleep. When you purchase such pillow, you get easy in maintenance, useful and durable product which won’t lose its properties for many years.

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