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Orthopedic Pillows for Kids

Along with pillows for adults, manufacturers produce orthopedic pillows for kids. Unfortunately, many babies need them because they’ve got birth traumas or birth defects, etc. This pillow will be beneficial at a later kid’s age, for alleviating pressure on cervical vertebrae, since children musculoskeletal system continues to grow. The children suffering from asthma or allergies also need an orthopedic pillow, free from bacteria and dust mites. Orthopedic pillows for newborns and elder kids perform the following functions: • provide the correct position of the head during sleep or rest; • don't let the head slide from a bed even when a child is awake; • ease breath and facilitate the digestion. Children's orthopedic pillows are manufactured in various shapes and are made from various materials. Each model has its owns functional purpose and age restrictions. It is recommended to give your child a pillow, starting from the age of one month and up. But, anyway, it’s better to consult a pediatrician whether your kid needs a pillow or not yet.

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