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Prices for Latex Mattresses

While recently, high prices for latex mattresses were the only disadvantage of these products, today things have changed. Natural latex mattresses have become more affordable and almost everyone can purchase an affordable model of latex mattress. At present, manufacturers produce mattresses of various sizes, various thickness and rigidity, both for children, and for adults. Each mattress has excellent quality and functionality. These products are made of natural latex, the processed sap of a rubber tree. Advanced manufacturing process turns the liquid sap into mattress with porous and elastic structure, which is pleasant to touch and possess the reasonable softness. Other advantages of latex mattresses are: • ability to contour naturally to a human body, providing the appropriate support during sleep; • ability “to breathe” due to the porous structure of latex, and always stay smell-free; • ability to stay dust-mites- and microbes-free; • ability to hold its shape and keep its consumer properties for many years. In general, the functionality, properties and prices of orthopedic mattresses vary, depending on what layers of materials are included in their structure - polyurethane, coconut fiber, etc. The natural latex mattresses are different, so the prices for latex mattresses also differ, but each buyer can choose the model according to his preferences and budget.

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