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The best Latex Mattresses

The best latex mattresses are manufactured from the natural material – a milky sap tapped from rubber trees, which turns into latex after it passes several processing stages. These mattresses have a microporous structure and quickly regain the initial shape after being compressed. The best latex mattresses offer many benefits: • provide fine thermal regulation; • do not absorb moisture; • springy and elastic; • extremely durable; • antiseptic: dust mites and microbes will never settle down in it; • hypoallergenic: latex is safe for the people suffering from allergies (except some rare cases of latex intolerance). Mattresses can be manufactured not only from natural latex, but also from a synthetic one, which is chemically based. The exterior and some properties of the synthetic latex are very similar to the natural one. Also, the manufacturing of a synthetic latex mattress is not a labor-consuming process which reduces the cost of its manufacturing: no need to collect the sap, transport it to the factory and process it. Though synthetic latex mattresses are less expensive, they are less durable and more apt to rapid breakdown than natural.

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