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If you decided to buy a latex mattress, we will advise you how to choose all-natural and premium product in order to be fully satisfied with your purchase. For example, a brand-name product must have a label with the name of the manufacturer. Also look for “Latex 100%” which means that this product is completely made up of latex and is free from industrial petrochemicals. "Latex" or "Latex Natural" marks most likely indicate that the mattress is made of synthetic or blended latex. 

A natural latex mattress has matte and porous surface, and its color can be with a hint of gray or beige. The natural mattress also has a smell that resembles a milk powder, but you do not need to worry about that - it quickly disappears. If the mattress has a smooth glance surface and its color is predominantly white, then you face with a counterfeited product. Also, after you buy a latex mattress and then find out that it absorbs moisture, like a sponge, then you also purchased a fake latex mattress.

We advise you to be very careful when purchasing a mattress, because with some mattresses, like, manufactured in China, you can even make a damage to your body and health.

 Also, before you buy a latex mattress, you should know how to give a proper care and protection to latex products. For example, ultraviolet rays and high temperature harmfully affect latex in a way that it changes its structure and shape. Also, you should avoid extremely low temperatures as they make the latex brittle and it starts to crumble.

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