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To order a latex blanket from Thailand

Latex blankets, mattresses, and pillows are the "flagship products" of Thailand due to the largest Latex tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) plantations, which occupy the considerable part of the country. Hevea tree sap is the source of natural latex produced in Thailand. But in order to purchase products from authentic natural latex, it’s not necessary to fly to this country. You can always order them from us, in our online store!

We would like to warn you: if you decide to order a latex blanket from Thailand, you should beware of counterfeits. When you see the company which offers latex products at low prices — it means that you are being offered a fake product.

What is good about a latex blanket, and why is it worth to order it? Being thin and breathable, it is also durable. Besides, it has other wonderful properties:

  • Climate-controlling: latex blanket warms you up in the winter and does not let you sweat in the hot summer season.
  • Hygroscopic: the latex blanket absorbs moisture, but easily evaporates it.
  • Hypo-allergenic: natural latex does not cause allergies.
  • Anti-bacterial: the latex blanket is not friendly with microbes and pathogenic bacteria, they can not live in it. 

With such unique qualities, you should definitely order a latex blanket from Thailand and experience comfort and relaxation throughout the entire sleep!

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