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Our home  and every room in it is the place of our life, work and leisure. It is so important that our time at home is comfortable and pleasant for us. For this, we always think through the design of things that we have in our home. Nevertheless, there are such important aspects as cleanliness and quality materials, from which things around us are made. Especially carefully we choose all items for the children's room, because we are responsible for the health of  growing up child and we always take care of them.

In recent years the interest for a very popular kid’s pillow- toys are growing. They are taking into account the physiology of children and can  beautifully fit into the interior of the room. Children love them very much and they become the subject of their personal use. The creators of pillows for children combined two functions - comfort and interest for children. Thus , the kid’s- pillows  have turned from a simple decorative pillows  to  pillow-toys.


However, such products must meet the following requirements:

1. The material of pillows must be safe for children. The material should not exude a smell, to colour the skin, cause an allergy and redness on the skin after using .

2. Kid’s  pillow- toys can have decor ( beads, buttons, etc.), but you must be sure that all details are well fixed on the product.


Such pillows-toys look simple and functional. Plus, children are very fond of them. They play with pillows and later change unnecessary soft toys in bed to them.

Creating a certain atmosphere in the children's room - we bring joy, coziness and good mood to children!

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