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About latex

A unique structure of bedding made of 100%-natural latex allows to get maximum comfort during sleep.

Pillows and mattresses made of 100%-natural latex have amazing orthopedic properties due to their unique ability to ensure the correct position of the body during sleep and normal blood circulation, without any pressure on the spine.

Mattress made of 100%-natural latex possesses motion isolation property: when one partner rolls over or tosses, or turns, movement on the other side is barely noticeable. Latex mattresses do not creak and perfectly hold their shape.

Products made of 100%-natural latex are easy to maintain and usually do not need washing. In case it is necessary, just gently sponge the soil areas, or wash them by hand.

Due to its porous structure, mattress made of natural latex does not get pits and troughs.

Natural latex is a non-electrified and absolutely hypoallergenic product! It does not attract dust; bacteria and dust mites (saprophytes) also do not live in mattresses and pillows made of 100%-natural latex, which is good for people prone to allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

"Breathable" structure of mattresses and pillows made of 100%-natural latex allows you to stay warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

The service life for products made from 100% natural latex is 10 years, but, in reality, they will serve you much longer - 15 years or more. Warranty from our store 2 years.

Care instructions for pillows and mattresses made of natural latex

  • Do not expose products to ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight.
  • Avoid keeping products in temperatures below -40 ° C and above +40 ° C
  • Keep products away from heaters.
  • Do not make products suffer from breaking weight and sharp objects.
  • Do not use chemicals while cleaning.
  • Products from 100% latex foam do not need washing. If necessary, wash them by hand in a soapy water at a temperature under + 40 ° C. Use a simple or liquid soap. Rinse it until the soap is completely gone. Gently squeeze out excess water and place product in a dry, ventilated warm room or under a fan. Dry the product away from direct heat sources, avoid drying under direct sunlight.
  • Do not store latex products under vacuum.
  • Bangkok Latex Co. LTD is the largest distributor of pillows and mattresses made of 100%-natural latex. We are the professionals with more than 15-year experience in the global market. We sell not only latex mattresses and pillows which will serve you for many years, but we also sell you a complete solution for a deep, healthy and most comfortable sleep.

    The main distinguishing feature of Bangkok Latex brand is that our pillows and mattresses are made of completely organic latex, without any harmful chemical constituents which are so popular today. 100%-natural latex is hypoallergenic and has perfect antiseptic properties – it is not a friendly environment to dust-mites and microbes, it is "breathable" and provides coolness and comfort during sleep; it stoutly holds its shape and perfectly conforms to the body curves. It does not sag under the body weight, and, at the same time, does not make pressure on body and evenly distributes the body weight over its surface. All this ensures normal blood circulation and comfort during sleep.

    Thailand, as well as other countries of the South-East Asia, has the most favorable conditions for growing Hevea trees, whose sap serves as a raw material for natural latex. The scientists figured out that the best climate zone for growing Hevea trees is the area within 10° to the North and South of the equator. Here, along the equator, the huge 2,600 km plantations of Hevea trees (the so-called "rubber belt") are located. Warm and humid equatorial climate of this area, as well as fertile soils have created the perfect conditions for rubber trees cultivation and harvesting. Southern provinces of Thailand are the main areas where latex extraction and latex goods manufacturing occurs. Extraction of a latex is done by human force, and overall it is a labor-consuming process, because each plantation has thousands of trees. First, a spiral groove is cut in the bark of each tree, a spout and collection cup are placed at the base. All this is done very carefully and precisely in order not to damage the cambium. Every tree gives around 200 g of sap daily, this way latex is collected all year round.

    Natural Latex Foam

    Latex or Latex foam is the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree, vulcanized right after its collection. It has amazing properties and if it were not for it, scientists would have long been looking for ways to make such an irreplaceable material as rubber. The historical homeland of Hevea tree is Brazil, and aborigines called its sap "caoutchouc" which means "tears of milky tree" ("kau" - tree, "utchou" - flow, cry). "Milky"- because the natural color of it is white. Hevea sap looks like a melted white ice cream and contains up to 50% of natural rubber and the rest is water. These unique prolific trees in South-East Asia cover about 90% of the total world production of natural latex annually.

    The History of Latex Foam

    The inventor of the process of production of natural latex foam is the well-known brand-producer of mattresses Dunlopillo, named after its founder John Boyd Dunlop. Dunlopillo is one of the founders of latex foam production and traditional Dunlop technology. According to this technology, the sap of the Hevea tree is collected as a liquid by hand and poured into large vats where it is meticulously filtered to remove any particles. After that, it is poured into large molds, gelatinized, then heated (vulcanized). This natural method was invented back in 1929 and from that time latex foam and products from it started their journey around the world. Natural latex is used for making surgical gloves, pillows, mattresses, baby's pacifiers, car seats and many other essential things that are becoming more popular due to their durability and their anti-allergenic, orthopedic and antiseptic properties The increasing consumer and industrial demand in latex products have spawned multiple attempts to grow plantations of Hevea trees in different parts of the world, but the only area which succeeded was South-East Asia, including the Kingdom of Thailand. Its climate was ideal for rapid growth and abundant harvesting of those trees. Today, Thailand takes a leading position in the export of latex and latex products in the world.

    The Production Process of Natural Latex Foam

    The collection of sap on the plantations occurs at night or at dawn, in order to avoid direct sunlight which makes the juice to solidify fast, so it becomes not suitable for use. The collected juice is quickly delivered to the primary facility.

    Before the foaming begins, the juice passes through the process of purification: removing debris, foliage, and other particles, which could get into the juice during its collection.

    The fresh juice of Hevea tree is poured into a special centrifuge where the foaming takes place. All foaming process goes under the viscosity and temperature technical control. The foamed latex is poured into aluminum molds with pins, which creates a "breathable" porous structure. The polymerization of latex foam is accelerated by putting it to a special oven which solidifies it. This technology of pure vulcanization is organic and allows to avoid using oil components and aggressive chemicals for latex foam production.

    Solid latex base is removed from the mold and placed into a washer with fresh water. During this process of washing, all reagents that were used for foaming, are completely removed. All washing is made 3 times with pure water, without any chemicals.

    A base for pillows and mattresses is transported to a drying machine, where the curing process of latex is completed, and all residual moisture is removed. The removal of moisture is reached by the powerful downward flow of air, which blows away the moisture from the pores of latex foam.

    After drying, each base for a pillow or mattress is tested for pinpoint pressure / hardness / density in order to make sure that it meets the quality standards. To ensure the highest quality, the products are rigorously checked at each stage of production. During the production process, all products are tested for strength, for deformation, for durability, special attention is paid to their structure and firmness.

    After passing the quality control, the pillows and mattresses are taken to the assembly shop for covering. After that, the finished products are packed for transportation. For the convenience of transportation, pillows are packed into carton boxes, and mattresses are wrapped in dense polyethylene.

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