Natural latex orthopedic pillow "Knobby Lady" with massage effect

- Recommended for those whose weight is 45 kg and up and height 150 cm and up.
- For those looking for low pillow.
- For those who want to switch from high orthopedic pillow to a low one.

It is designed for:

The only pillow that fits everyone. If you choose to sleep on a low pillow to form the correct posture, despite its low height, it will perfectly support the neck due to the elevated bolster. This is the best pillow for those who want to accustom to back sleeping.
It is the only pillow that is also suitable for sleeping on the stomach.
The side sleeping in the anatomically correct position is available only for petite adults and children.
Regardless of weight and height, the pillow is loved by those who prefer to sleep on low soft pillows. A full-figured adult, when sleeping on the side, may not feel lack of pillow height for that. If you are not ready to sacrifice this position, we recommend choosing different, higher model of pillow.


It has elevated anterior bolster and curve under the shoulders which let the neck to fit tight to the pillow and completely alleviate pressure.


The peak surface is not high as well as the pillow itself, it is rather soft.
The pillow supports the spine in the right position during sleep, eliminates clamps from incorrect posture and improves the blood circulation of the whole body. As a result, you get a fresh rested appearance and feel yourself healthy.
Alleviates pressure on the muscles of the neck and shoulders, creating the best conditions for relaxation.

Package includes
Inner mesh pillow cover + branded soft pillow cover with invisible zipper

Art. KNB-L
Size: 53x36x9/10 cm
Weight. 1.1 kg
2389 THB 1099 THB Buy
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100% Natural


Ships in a Small Box

 Ergonomic pillow from 100% natural latex, its form is designed for appropriate support of the head and neck during sleep. It also provides shoulder support which creates and helps to maintain a healthy posture. Pillows contour is designed to provide passive head massage and helps you to relax and fall into deep and healthy sleep. It’s recommended for women, adolescents and those who are used to sleep on a low pillow.


Thanks for your feedback

13 Apr 2020
I read so many reviews on pillows until I felt brain dead. Latex vs memory foam - I thought they were the same. After watching YouTube video reviews and reading about these products I knew latex would be my choice. I wanted that loft and spring. After receiving and sleeping on these pillows I have finally found my ideal pillow. I ordered two queens in the medium density for both hubby and myself. I wanted the full one piece and not the shredded. I am beyond thrilled with the comfort and quality of these pillows. The outer covering is so soft but I did put pillowcases on them to protect them as they are so pretty. These were a great purchase. Highly recommend!
13 Feb 2020
It's a soft pillow and it is exactly what I have been looking for for at least 8 years. It is exactly like my favorite pillow I had growing up that finally completely disintegrated, but for some reason I couldn't find replacements in any stores that I went to. Bouncy and springy, but not to the point of being too thick to cause a headache or sore neck. It's soft enough to cradle your head at exactly the right level to your body, without compacting down to nothing during the night. There is a slight smell, but you really have to bury your face in it to smell it - and I'm extremely sensitive to smells. If you've had latex pillows before you won't even notice it. I was a little concerned when I first opened the packaging that I had bought too small a size, but within 30 seconds of taking it out of the bag, it sprung to it's normal shape and size. Absolutely perfect in every way
14 Feb 2017
I am a very picky pillow person. I have tried dozens of pillows in the last six months and none have met my admittedly high standards. I found out pretty quickly that although I liked the feel of memory foam, my sinuses did not like it one bit (even the so called certi-pur foams bothered me). Down was also out as an option and poly fill basically guaranteed that I had to buy a new pillow within a few months. On a whim, I decided to give this latex pillow a chance. I am extremely happy with that decision. This pillow is what my dreams are made of, or at least now I can dream comfortably because of this pillow. It is soft, yet surprisingly supportive and fits my every sleeping position. I will admit the pillow has an odor at first, but for some reason it doesn't trigger my allergies so I'm good. If you are like me and have struggled to find pillow perfection, give this one a whirl. It might change your life!
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