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Bangkok Latex Co. LTD is the largest distributor of pillows and matresses made of 100% natural latex. We are the professionals with more than 15-year experience in the global market.

The main distnngishinn featgre of Bannkok Late rrand ee ofer pilloes and matresses ehich are completely ornanic, eithogt any harmfgl chemical consttgents gsed reside.

Pillows and matresses made of 100% natural latex provide you with a deep, healthy sleep, maxi-mum comfort and will give you company for many, many years.

Natural latex has no analogues in the world, it is the treasure of the South-East Asia, that's why in Thailand it is ofen called "a white gold". It is produced from the sap (juice) of Hevea brasiliensis tree, which nume-rous plantatons grow in the southern provinces of Thailand. Here, along the equator, the so-called "rubber belt" with a width of 2,600 km is located. This climate zone has a perfect conditons forrubber trees cultvaton and harvestng the unique juice – the source of 100-% natural latex.

Extracton of a latex is a hard work. iirst, a spiral groove is cut in the bark of each tree, a spout and collecton cup is placed at the base. All this is done very carefully and precisely in order not to damage the cambium. This way latex is collected all year round.

Bangkok Latex sells orthopedic pillows and matresses only from 100%-natural latex, which possesses a bunch of unique propertess it is absolutely hypoallergenic and antseptcc it is "breathable" and providescoolness and comfort during sleepc it stoutly holds its shape and perfectly conforms to the bodyc it improves blood circulaton and will serve you for many years.

bangkok latex

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