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Travel Neck Pillow

For people who travel much in cars, buses and planes it is extremely important to ensure a normal and healthy sleep in rather uncomfortable position. Thanks to such accessory, as travel neck pillow, you get chance to have a rest or to sleep comfortably even in a sitting position. The only thing you should do is to wrap a pillow around your neck and the correct support of your head is guaranteed. If you travel with kids, such pillow is a must-have, it will become your “right hand” and will provide your child with a comfort during the trip.

Traditional fillers of usual pillows aren’t suitable for travel neck pillows as they sag and can’t provide the sufficient support. Travel neck pillows, offered in our store, have special filler which is enough supportive and possess “memory”. The travel neck pillow can be used not only on a trip, but also at office or house – many prefer to work at the computer, to read, watch TV, wrapping this pillow around a neck. The beneficial advantages of a travel neck pillow are: they possess orthopedic properties; they prevent neck and back aches; they relieve the symptoms of osteochondrosis; they are compact.

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