Delivery service in Phuket is provided either free of charge or for a fee.

The cost  of paid courier delivery to the door depends on the distance of the delivery address from the store. See map.

In the case of paid courier delivery, it is possible to quickly deliver the order from the store at a time convenient to you.

To use the paid delivery service in Phuket, you need to:

1. Provide the name of the recipient, the exact address, including the number of a hotel room or condo, your phone number for communication in the messenger.

2. Pay for the order in full on our website or through the operator.

The order will be left at the reception if you are staying at the hotel.

PS: Mattresses may not be available for courier delivery from the store to Phuket - they are shipped by post from the warehouse in Pattaya to your address or the address of our store - from where the order can be picked up. Such delivery by mail is free of charge.

Free delivery to Phuket is handled by Thai Post, it delivers the order to your door or to the BANGKOK LATEX store - depending on where it is more convenient for you to pick up your order.

 For free door-to-door delivery  in Phuket you need:

1. To pay the order online in full.

2. To provide us your delivery address, the name of the recipient, the Thai phone number (you can leave the phone number of the hotel reception – it is important for you to be able to receive a call in Thai from the post office staff).

3. It is also important to reserve enough time: the delivery time depends on the distance and takes from 2 business days.

Free  delivery to the  BANGKOK LATEX store is often helpful when buying mattresses, since our Phuket store has only sample items. To use the delivery to the store, you need to:

1. Pay for your order online or in-store in full

2. Provide your details at the store or online through the chat/messengers.

3. Wait for the message that the mattress is ready for pick-up and then pick up your order.