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Rectangular sheet, made of natural latex, 5-7 mm thick. The latex sheet is sewn in between the sheets of white cotton fabric.

Who is it for:

Suitable for everyone. Especially favored by those who like to cover themselves not only when it's cold, but also in the summer when it's hot. The blanket maintains its own neutral temperature, so it feels cool in summer and warm in winter.


The blanket seems to embrace you, it shapes completely to your body. These features are specific only for blanket made of natural latex: it is thin, heavy and elastic.

It is temperature-neutral: in the cold season it keeps you warm, and in the hot season it does not heat up.
The latex blanket does not absorb odors and moisture. It does not accumulate dust and does not need to be washed (though the duvet cover needs to be changed and washed regularly)

What is included:

Latex blanket (a duvet cover is not included).

we did some research on the product n hopes can improve our sleep.
นุ่มมาก ใช้ดีจริง
Одеяло великолепное. Спать под ним одно удовольствие! Очень комфортно, не жарко и не холодно. Приятный запах латекса!
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Natural Latex Blanket Size180x200 cm

In stock
SKU: BL-180x200-DV
5 390฿
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Size 180х200
Length 180
Width 200
Weight 4.4 kg
Firmness soft
Material Natural latex
Country of manufacturing Thailand

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