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Product details 

Material: Latex - 90%

Natural Binding Agents - 10% 

Latex view: latex of night harvesting 

Manufacturing Technology: DUNLOP (pure vulcanization) 

Recommended Load: up to 100 kg 

What’s included in package Latex Mattress Protective non-removable white net cotton case Removable zipper champagne-colored cotton case with monogram “Natural Latex”. Care Instructions - keep the item out of direct bright sunlight and UV rays; - avoid keeping the product in temperatures below -40℃ and above +40℃; - keep the product away from heaters; - do not make the product be subjected to breaking weight and sharp objects; - do not use chemicals while cleaning; - the item does not need washing. If necessary, just use wet sponge to remove a dust. If needed, hand-wash the item in soapy water at a temperature not higher than +40℃, using bar or liquid soap. Rinse the item until the soap is completely gone. Gently squeeze out excess water. After the water drains, place the item in a dry, well-ventilated warm room or under a fan. Avoid drying the mattress under direct sunlight; - do not store the item in vacuum bag.

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Natural Latex Mattress Size 120x200x5 cm

In stock
SKU: MAT-N-120x5
$1 170
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Size 120x200
Height 5
Length 200
Width 120
Weight 10.5 kg
Firmness medium
Material Natural latex
Country of manufacturing Thailand

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