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Who is it for:

For those who want to adjust the surface of their mattress. It completely alleviates the feeling of sleeping “on mattress springs” if that is the case and makes the firm mattress softer.

A 5 cm high mattress is placed on top of the main mattress.


In terms of properties, a mattress with a height of 5 cm is as close as possible to an orthopedic one: it completely changes the sensation of the surface, significantly reduces the vibrations of the main mattress that occur when your partner tosses and turns from side to side on the bed.

Such a mattress relieves the pressure on the body and makes your sleep much more comfortable. As a result, you rest better and wake up refreshed.

It is moisture-resistant, breathable, antimicrobial and is not a favorable environment for dust mites.

The mattress is a temperature-neutral: in the cold season, it retains heat, and in the hot season it does not heat up.

It does not absorb odors. The mattress is hypoallergenic and safe even for children.

The elasticity and resilience of the material guarantee the absence of deformation, which ensures the durability of the product.

What is included:

Latex mattress, non-removable mesh cover, branded removable zippered cover made of cotton knits.

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MATTRESS 220x200x5 cm

In stock
SKU: MAT-N-220x5
$2 190
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Size 220x200
Height 5
Length 200
Width 220
Weight 17.45 kg
Firmness medium
Material Natural latex
Country of manufacturing Thailand

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