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Orthopedic Latex Mattress

Choosing the right mattress can make all the difference not only when it comes to comfortable sleep, but also when it comes to care for your health. Orthopedic latex mattress will be a remedy for those who suffer from chronic muscle and back pains, insomnia and allergic reactions. And even if you don’t face health issues, mentioned above, such mattress will prevent dealing with them in future.

What are the properties and advantages of an orthopedic latex mattress? This mattress ideally conforms to the anatomic curves of your body and offers a great level of support to your spine, maintaining the correct posture during sleep. Thanks to its unique qualities, the orthopedic latex mattress will give you the feeling of “being as light as a feather” and let you experience the ultimate comfort. The latex mattress properly balances the body weight which eliminates all the barriers to normal blood circulation during sleep and prevents muscles clamps. In addition, the orthopedic latex mattress possesses an array of other unique advantages:

• Anti-bacterial – it keeps away dust mites and various microbes, which is perfect for those who suffer from asthma and allergies;

• It does not absorb and keep moisture and unpleasant smells;

• The porous structure of the natural latex mattress provides its good “breathability” so your bed will never smell stale;

• The life span of such mattresses is up to thirty years.

Also, in case if you are concerned how to transport latex mattress to your country, we’ll give you a peace of mind. Unlike the traditional spring mattresses, latex mattresses are very convenient to transport: before shipment, they are usually squeezed, rolled and packed. When the mattress gets to your bedroom, you will just unpack it, unroll and straighten on your bed. Thanks to the unique properties of latex, the mattress will quickly regains its original shape.

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