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Natural Latex Mattress Size 160x200x15 cm

  • THB: ฿ 28,199
  • RUB: 60,910 руб.

Comfortable mattress for twin bed, made of 100%-natural night-harvested latex. Possesses orthopedic properties. Anatomically conforms to the shape of your body and provides the sufficient support to your spine during sleep. It evenly distributes the body weight over its surface, which promotes normal blood circulation and eliminates pressure on muscles and vertebrae. Its perforated structure includes pinholes of different diameter, and, due to this, the mattress has 7 comfort zones of various firmness - each one for providing the specific support to a certain part of a body. As a result, your head and neck, shoulders and shoulder blades, loin and pelvis, knees and calves, feet and ankles get maximum therapeutic benefits.

Natural latex, being organic and hypoallergenic material, provides the antiseptic properties of the mattress: it does not attract dust, does not retain moisture, does not absorb smells and is not a friendly environment to different microbes and dust-mites to live in. Thus, it is a perfect match for those prone to different allergies or suffering from asthma. The porous structure of a mattress makes it extremely “breathable”. Also, latex mattress keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Due to elasticity and bounce of natural latex, the mattress quickly retains its original shape after compression and has a long life-span – 10 years and more. The mattress is easy in maintenance - it does not require to be washed or cleaned.