1. We sell only certified products made of the highest quality natural latex (the foamed sap of the Hevea tree) in our store.

2.  This unique material always keeps its fresh smell without trapping body or room odors.
You can use your partner’s pillow for sleep, it won’t have the odor of his/her body, just change a pillowcase.

3.  It has a constant neutral temperature: prevents overheating during warmer months and provides warmth in colder winter.

4. Latex is completely natural.
The material is resistant to dust mites and bacteria and has natural hypoallergenic properties – people with allergies will not sneeze, and people with asthma will not have shortness of breath.

5.You don’t expect any static electricity  in the latex and no face "squeezing" into the pillow. Your hair will look perfectly, and you wake up with no wrinkles and face swelling. 

6. The combination of softness and elasticity of the material is balanced in such a way that the pillow provides a great support to your neck during sleep and offers you complete relaxation. As a result, you will wake up without neck and back pain.

7.  The material does not absorb moisture, but evaporates it from the surface very quickly, so you will not sleep on a wet pillow if you sweat at night.

8.  And you are also able to make significant adjustments to your posture while sleeping on an orthopedic pillow.
And as a bonus, when you have a correct posture, your face oval gets more defined. That’s how anatomy of our body works.

9.  The durability of natural latex pillows allows them to serve for 10 years or more without problems before they begin to lose their unique properties.

10.  The product is so easy to care for that all that remains is to change the bed linen.

11.  Our pillows have earned a very good reputation for their pure and eco-friendly content; its manufacturing is relatively expensive and is focused on improving the quality of life and health of people.