Bangkok-Latex pillows, made of natural latex, have several obvious advantages over pillows made of other fillers, down pillows in particular. One of the coolest advantages is the perfect balance of softness and firmness, which means no back and neck muscle spasms, swelling and a wrinkled face upon waking up.
Let us explain:
A down pillow, like any other traditional bulk filler, has no material resistance at all. On the one hand, that gives the pillows their usual softness.
On the other hand, pillows that  sag when your head lies down, do not provide a feeling of stability and, every time you sink into the down pillow at night 5 mm closer to the mattress, you tense your muscles and do not relax. Since your brain perceives those micro-movements as a fall, it tries to prevent it by transmitting a signal to the muscles to tense and hold you. 
Material resistance is the property of an object to maintain its shape under load, and it is inherent in solid objects. When we talk about 100% resistance, you can imagine a pillow made of a log - it will not change the shape under the weight of our head, but it is impossible to sleep on such a pillow.
A latex pillow has such a resistance of the material that provides a feeling of stability without depriving the softness of the pillow. The latex pillow, being a soft one, lets the head sink into it to a certain depth, according to the weight of the head and does not let the head sink further. The combination of an elastic pillow, a soft pillow, a very sturdy pillow that doesn’t play a trick on your brain when you sleep and provides the increased comfort that any other filler can provide - all those properties are inherent in the high-quality natural latex pillows that we offer in our store.