Children's pillows in our store are presented in three categories: for babies, for toddlers and for older kids.

1. A positioner is essential when you need to keep the baby lying on the back and prevent spontaneous turning over on his side. The positioner does the job better than all other arrangements.

2. "Children's CONTOUR 3+" speaks for itself - it is considered that children do not need pillows before the age of 3, but in our experience,  that scientific approach does not always work. The first pillow can be offered to your child in three cases:
- Your child always borrows your pillow
- Your child announces that he wants to have his own pillow
- Your child tries to put his hand under his head.

If a child tries to put something under his head, then consider purchasing "Children's Contour 3+" pillow - it was created to serve as the first pillow in the baby’s life.
The pillow is very soft and at the same time elastic . This is a cool combination of softness and elasticity which distinguishes children's latex pillows from other fillers. They are soft to the touch, like kittens, and, at the same time, latex is a very solid material The head does not press all the way into the pillow, but lies at the proper level, so all muscles can relax.

3. The pillow "Children's CONTOUR 7+" is larger and has two bolsters of different heights. It is essential for the comfort of children of different height and weight. It is suitable for different sleeping positions: children often sleep either on their backs or on their sides.
The bolsters are well defined and offer a good support for the neck. By this age, the curves of the spine are already formed and the shape of the pillow maintains the proper alignment.
The pillow is soft, though it is a little firmer than "Children's CONTOUR 3+"
Suitable for children 6-7 years old and older

The filling of all Bangkok Latex baby pillows is natural latex. It is:
- Hygienic:   does not absorb moisture and evaporates it quickly from the surface. The child will not sleep on a wet pillow at night when he sweats.
- Hypoallergenic:  does not attract or accumulate dust. 
- Antiseptic:  it prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, dust mites and other microbes
- Does not absorb body or room odors.
- Does not heat up from the body.
- Wear-resistant
-Pillows do not need to be washed. You just need to change the pillowcases regularly. You can always purchase replacement pillowcases for Bangkok Latex pillows from us.