Latex blanket is very soft, it provides an amazing contouring feel which no other material can offer. It contours and embraces each part of your body as if it was waiting for you all day long and missed you a lot. 

The latex blanket is very thin, 5 mm, but you will be surprised: it is heavier than you expect. Due to its weight, it is very good at reducing anxiety, relaxing and providing a deep sleep.

The Bangkok Latex blanket tends to maintain a more stable  and very comfortable temperature regardless of what the room temperature is . With this is special thermoregulation property of latex blanket you can neither sweat nor get cold while sleeping
It is especially loved by those who like to cover themselves with a blanket in the summer: it creates a cooler sleep surface. In winter, this blanket is ideal for those who do not like to cover themselves with multiple blankets: one latex blanket is enough to keep you warm.

The blanket is made of natural Hevea sap and retains all the properties of natural latex: it does not absorb odors, dust and moisture, always has a fresh smell. You do not need to wash the blanket,  just change the duvet covers from time to time. 

It is hypoallergenic and safe for people with asthma and allergies.
 With careful care, the Bangkok Latex blanket lasts at least 10 years.