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High-Quality Latex Pillows

High-quality latex pillows have won the popularity among consumers due to their unique properties which other pillows can’t boast:
• they don’t absorb moisture;
• they are safe for those suffering from allergy;
• they are not friendly to dust-mites and pathogenic microbes;
• they are “breathable”;
• they do not overheat and overcool;
• they are durable.

Pillows can be manufactured both from natural and synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is made of petroleum by-products, while natural latex derives from Hevea tree sap. Thailand has huge plantations of these trees as the climate of the country is very favorable for their growth. High-quality latex pillows are made of natural and pure material and don’t have any disadvantages except they are more pricey than other pillows.

The fact is that, Hevea sap collection is a labor-consuming process: the sap is collected manually, before the sunrise, and it is very important to bring it immediately to the factory. If not to do so, the juice will become firm and not suitable for its purification and foaming. Also, the process of products manufacturing is cost-consuming itself and includes the monitoring of quality on each stage. That is why natural latex possesses resiliency and durability which synthetic latex doesn’t. The manufacturing process of synthetic latex products is not labor- and cost-consuming, and less expensive. But synthetic latex is not durable and has short life-span: it quickly breaks down and loses its original shape while products from natural latex keep their shape and other properties at least for fifteen years.

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