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The percentage of latex in our products

The word «all-natural» has already become ingrained in our everyday life and everybody seeks to purchase all-natural products. For that reason, latex products, being 100% natural, have become in high demand. However, when you want to purchase latex bedding, you should not fully trust the word «all-natural», because some sellers try to misinform buyers by saying that the product is “all-natural” while it is not, or either saying that the product is a 100%- latex, without any additives, which is impossible.

You need to know that 100% pure sap of «rubber tree» as is, is unfit for producing latex due to its high coagulation. By this reason, at the initial stage of latex production, a small amount of ammonia is added to the sap, to prevent its coagulation before processing. But no need to worry – ammonia is a naturally-occurring product that is washed out later in the processing.

In the next step before proceeding to the manufacturing, special ingredients are added to latex for its whipping and holding its foamy structure. The share of such ingredients is small –  only 10%, while the share of pure latex is 90%. Those 10% of  – is the minimum required to maintain the resistance of the structure of latex products. They in no way downsize the amazing properties of latex, including those antiseptic and hypo-allergenic ones. Therefore, the product of all-natural latex is not a product with 100% content of latex, which simply does not exist. All-natural latex is 90% of latex and 10% of synthetic ingredients, which together create a surprisingly durable product, that provides unparalleled comfort a deep, healthy sleep.

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