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when you need to replace your pillow


Many of us don’t know how long the pillow needs to be replaced. Ordinary pillows have been used for a long time. Do you know how much dirt will accumulate in the pillow? Dust mites, grease and dander. Therefore, the longer the pillow is used, the more dirt will accumulate. If the pillow and pillow core are not replaced for a long time, it will be harmful to human health.

According to the latest survey on the Internet: 70% of respondents said they know the relationship between pillows and sleep quality, but few people know how often the pillow needs to be changed. Most people only know when there is a peculiar smell, so they take it for washing.

02When should I change the pillow core

When you find that the pillow is uneven and you are not obedient to sleep, it means that your pillow should be changed. If your pillow core is dirty, it needs to be replaced. We know that most ordinary pillow cores contain cotton and fiber, which are not easy to wash and dry!
So how long does it take to replace a new pillow? Calculated based on the survival period of dust mites as 2-3 months, it is normal to replace pillows every six months. Or wash the pillowcases at least once in 3 months, especially in the hot and hot summer season. If the pillowcases are not cleaned for a long time, dust mites bacteria will breed in large numbers and harm your health.

If your pillow has not been replaced for more than six months, unfortunately, more than a million dust mites are watching your elegant sleeping position every day, and your face and hair will become their habitat. .

The corpses, secretions and excrement of the dust are all allergens, which are easy to cause allergic dermatitis, spread skin diseases, blockage of hair fat organs, and enlarged pores.

Therefore, pillow cores also need to be cleaned regularly. Chemical fiber pillow cores can be machine washed with mild detergent and dried or spin dried as soon as possible after washing. Pillow cores such as buckwheat husk and tea should not be washed. Keep these fillings in the sun. Dry it in the air; you can’t wash silk or dry-clean it with water, just dry it in a ventilated and cool place.

In order to keep your sleep healthy and not let the dirt accompany you to sleep, in addition to the cleaning and care mentioned above, you also need to regularly replace the pillow core to keep mites and stains away from your side and keep the room clean.

03Natural latex pillows are healthier

Latex pillows are naturally well ventilated, able to prevent moisture and mites and bacteria, and can keep the pillows clean and hygienic. According to the analysis of the six-month comparison report of ordinary pillows and natural latex pillows by foreign testing agencies, the number of mites on ordinary pillows is 5-200 times higher than that of latex pillows, especially in high temperature and humid environments.

Natural latex pillows are not easy to deform, easy to clean, do not breed bacteria, and can better protect the cervical spine. They have become urban white-collar workers and wealthy households. In recent years, they have received more and more attention.

If you need to choose a high-quality latex pillow, it is recommended that you try to choose some brands with physical stores. Thai latex pillows are famous in the world for high-quality natural latex materials, safety, environmental protection and health. Thailand’s Bata Latex is one of the top ten latex brands in Thailand. There are brand experience stores in major stores in major cities, or you can log in to Thailand’s Bata Latex online store to buy.

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