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Why are our prices so low?

Let’s talk about the prices for latex products. For many of us the price is the criteria, which helps to determine whether the product is of high quality or not.

The way how customers think is often quite predictable: the lower the price for the latex product, the more percentage of synthetic additives it has, and vice versa. We will dispel this myth, because the high price of latex bedding is not a guarantee of its unsurpassed quality. The production process of latex does not require any costly investments, it is relatively cheap. As for latex mattresses, their price mainly depends on their thickness, and on nothing more.

Having the lack of knowledge in this matter and therefore being taken advantage of, tourists are brought to the so-called «latex factories», where they are usually told that only those «factories» sell a truly natural, unmatched quality product, and this explains why the price is so high. We advise to be cautious while visiting such «factories», because unreasonably upscaled, «tourist», price does not necessary guarantee the excellent quality of products.

At the same time, there are special stores, which sell latex products for sleep at relatively low prices, and, of course, you want to know why. It’s because such stores do business directly with latex producing factories, which are located far from resorts and manufacture purely natural products.  In special stores, you will get a guaranteed quality product, which will serve you for many years. But for the product to have a long life-span, it must be made of a high-quality natural latex, not fake or synthetic one, containing a considerable amount of impurities.

We hope that now you know how to purchase all-natural latex, not paying a fortune. And believe us, the benefits of latex products for your health are priceless!

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